UKC Nosework Software Update

I’ve been working hard on the UKC Nosework Secretarial Software for UKC Nosework trials over the last couple of months. It’s coming along very well and I’d say it’s about 80% done. I’m currently working on the Payments section, so trial fees and payments can be tracked accurately and effectively. Enabling Trial Secretaries to be able to easily see how much they have collected in fees. I have not added an expense section, but if that is requested it can be considered in the future. The intent was not to be an accounting system, but to summaries entry fees.

I’ll be running it alongside my current method this coming weekend as I secretary for a local UKC Nosework trial. It will be a good test!

Speaking of testing, after the application is ready, I will be looking for Beta Testers to help me out. I would love to get some people who are experienced trial secretaries and know what they like and dislike in trial software. Ones with a critical eye who can analyze flow, layout, even identify spelling mistakes and logistic errors. If you are interested, please comment. I will only be looking for about 4 testers.

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  1. Are you still looking for testers? I will be secretary for a trial in a couple months and am evaluating our software options.

    1. I haven’t been working on the UKC Software for a while, instead I’ve been focusing on the Barn Hunt version, as there seems to be more of a demand.

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