About Paw Tap

My name is Cynthia and I am running the Paw Tap Services, LLC., Business. I provide secretarial services for dog sports. I have experience with secretarying for Barn Hunt and UKC Nosework Trials. I am also going to be secretary for AKC Agility Trials in 2018.

I’m also writing a secretary software application. I retired from my programming job in August of 2013, and now that I have done some dog sports secretary jobs, I’m not happy with a lot of the software that is available. Mostly because it all seems to be Windows and MS Office Based. I run a Mac, and I don’t want to run Windows.

The software that I am developing will be in Filemaker Pro, and will be platform independent. Thus it will be able to run on Windows and Mac, and it will not require a Microsoft product, such as Microsoft Access.

I’ll periodically be updating this blog with information about the software.