Judge’s Books Are In Phase One

I’ve been able to work a little on the software, and my focus at this time is the judge’s books. I want them to be able to print nicely on the form that UKC provides.

I have a first draft of the layout for the Judge’s Books. Looks like you have to click on the link to actually see what it looks like. This is Test Data based on a trial I was secretary for in October of 2017. This is NOT CORRECT data, as I have changed things around to fit my needs:
Click to View Draft of Judge’s Book

If you were wondering, this is what the UKC Judge’s Book form looks like:
UKC Judge’s Book

I do still need to create the JB for the Pre-Tests. As this is just for the Elements.

Things are coming along! At this point, the software is just about ready for me to run at our January trial here in Utah. It’s not quite ready for distribution yet. And it doesn’t do Full Trials, it only does Element Trials so far… though really, I’m not quite sure if there’s a big difference, software wise. It also doesn’t do Handler Discrimination yet. Those will probably be features added on later.

[googlepdf url=”http://wordpress-201160-706831.cloudwaysapps.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/testjudgebook2.pdf” ]

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