Paw Tap AKC Scent Work Version

The AKC Scent Work Version of the software is almost ready to be released. The same basic application underlies both the Barn Hunt version and the Scent Work version. They are actually the same software.

With the Barn Hunt only version, you are only able to create Barn Hunt Events.
With the Scent Work only version, you are only able to create Scent Work Events.
You can also purchase the version that runs both Barn Hunt and Scent Work Events.

For more information about how the software works, please refer to the documentation: Documentation Link

Why Barn Hunt and Scent Work? Because those are the trials I personally secretary for. 🙂 And there are enough options for other dog sports that I wouldn’t want to put the time into adding those to my busy schedule. This software takes a ton of time to write, update, and support.

Some notes about Paw Tap:
I am aware that there is another AKC Scent Work software available for purchase, but I have never used it. Some of the concerns people have expressed to me about the differences between the two software types are as follows:

  1. Paw Tap has the ability to run trials for multiple clubs on one installation. Each club doesn’t need to purchase the software. So secretaries who secretary for multiple clubs can have all the clubs on one software installation on one laptop.
  2. Paw Tap’s yearly fee for updates is $75 per year. You can keep running the software without paying for the updates, but you will not receive an updated version with rule changes and enhancements.
  3. Paw Tap is NOT written in Microsoft Access. This means a few things:
    • Paw Tap can run on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.
    • Paw Tap is coded line by line in the computer language JavaScript. It is not an accounting software so all calculations must be done manually.
  4. Paw Tap cannot generate and email an entry form to all competitors. This is a software limitation that will not change.

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