SMTP Email System ReWritten

A new build has been produced: Version 2.51.03 – Build 20240212.044

I have rewritten the SMTP email system for the software. Both the Scent Work and Barn Hunt versions use the same email system, so this effects both versions.

Before, the software would log in every time it sent one email. Email providers don’t like it when we log in and log off and send that many emails at a time. So now it logs in once, sends all the emails, then logs out.

That being said, I still don’t think the SMTP is working all that great. Attachment can only be send using SMPT, so it would be useful to have it be more available. When I tried sending all the emails to all entrants in my latest trial, most of them still failed.

I think what I’m going to do is change the drop down that lets us select people so that it only shows people entered in the current event. Then we can select, say, about 10 people at a time send the SMTP emails, and hopefully that will work. To be able to send a smaller block of emails at once will hopefully help the issue.

Now, though, the software writes to a log file that will be located in the Downloads directory. Users can look at that log file and see which emails were sent succesfully and which were not sent. So that information is good!

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