Smart Running Order

So I’ve been a little sad lately, so I wanted to do something fun with the Barn Hunt Secretarial Software. So I’ve been working on a Smart Running Order. So far I have it so that it’s splitting dogs into blinds. I’ll attach a copy to a link to an example here. And the software has an option for how many dogs you would like to have in the Master blinds, between 1 and 5. You put in how many, and it will put that many dogs in a Master blind.

So the next step is to make it really smart, and make it so it won’t put the same handler with multiple dogs in the same blind. This is going to be tricky. but I’m having fun figuring it out.

Smart Run Order Test

I do want to redo the payment system as well, but this is more fun, and it’s making me happy, so this is what I’m doing first. 🙂

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  1. One thing to take into consideration is placement in the blind. If a person runs 5 dogs in master. That person needs to run first in the blinds so he/she has time to get the next dog ready. I noticed you had the person with multiple entries running last in blind 1 and first in blind 2.

        1. Yes that will be in there too. I also wish there was a way to do a try before you buy option, but with Filemaker, the options are really limited. I will refund for the first 30 days though if you don’t like it!

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