How To Get Your Questions Answered

I want to make sure everyone’s questions get answered! I am quite often out of town, as I travel a ton. When I’m on the road, I am not good at getting my emails. And even when I am at home, I will admit to you, that answering the same question over and over gets very tedious for me!!

The best and fastest way to get your questions answered about the Paw Tap Barn Hunt Secretarial Software is as follows:

Read the Documentation!
There is a ton of information in the documentation! Please refer to that first when you have a question, as your own research will probably be the fastest way for you to find an answer.

Ask the Google Group:
Many of the testers are in that group and can answer any questions you can’t find an answer to in the documentation. They can often answer questions faster than I can. You can search the group as well in order to find answers, so don’t just glance and then look away. Perform a search in the group!

As a last resort, you can Email Me. This is the email I most often use. However, like I said, if I’m traveling I don’t get my emails quickly, especially when my connection is poor. And also, if I’ve answered the same question a number of times and it’s in the documentation, or it’s been answered in the Google Group, and I’m tired, I may get snippy. I will apologize in advance if I get snippy!

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