Some Features of the Barn Hunt Secretarial Software

I added a little fix today so that changing the dog’s entry date changes all the relevent tables, as this was needed in order to calculate the entry fees properly. And I thought I’d write a little list of some of the features that the Barn Hunt software offers. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Available on both Windows and Mac.
  • Multiple Event Weekends. Multiple trials in an Event Weekend.
  • Handles scoring of Crazy 8s as well as regular classes.
  • Handles A and B classes for when they go live through BHA.
  • Calculates Entry Fees based on Pre-Entries, Late Entries, DOS Entries.
  • Randomizes Armband Numbers – And allows users to set individual Armband Numbers.
  • Wait List capabilities including a report of all the dogs on the Wait List
  • Determine which judge is assigned to which class and automatically assigns that judge for each run.
  • Can enter a dog into a Single Run, Multiple Runs, or All Runs in the Trial.
  • Sends e-mail confirmations by dog and by person. So if a person has more than one dog, all the dogs are included in the same email.
  • Does not require attachments to view entries in the confirmation emails, so no extra clicking for the competitors.
  • Fee Tracking and reports available.
  • Exports spreadsheets for BHA, both for regular runs and Crazy 8.
  • Backups to xlsx files for easy reading.

This software has a ton of features! I hope to have it released by July 20, 2018!

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