Sales Tax in Utah

Well, I met with a tax person yesterday, because once I put the software up for sale, I wanted to make sure what kinds of taxes I’m going to have to pay here in Utah. And, I’ll tell ya, taxes are no fun. I didn’t know there was a thing called self-employment tax, but I guess I’ll be paying that in addition to income tax on the software.

And here in Utah, I’ll also be required to charge and pay sales tax. I’m sorry about that, as I would rather not, but I can get some hefty fines if I don’t! I’ll be selling the software via SendOwl and PayPal, and SendOwl will be able to charge and calculate sales tax for me, so that will be good.

The good news is she said I shouldn’t have to file quarterly taxes, so that is a good thing.

I plan on charging $280 for the software. That is more than Barn Hunt solutions but less than what is being charged for the UKC Nosework Software. It’s also a little bit less that what is being charged for some of the AKC agility software. I also plan to charge for yearly updates, but that will probably be about $70 per year.

I realize that our Barn Hunt clubs don’t make money. We just really want to have fun with our dogs. I do need to make sure I feel as though I’m compensated adequately for my work. I’ve had some friends, who don’t do dog sports, tell me I should charge $500 or more… but I realize that the dog clubs and secretaries will not be able to afford that much.

I’m still aiming for a mid-July release date!

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