First 2022 Update

Hi all. Sorry I’ve been AFK for quite a while on this website. I have really been concentrating on a new online event entry software. It’s pretty much done now, and I hope to use it for trials this year before I release it to let everyone use it. The website is: Entry Paws

Since that is as done is it’s going to get until I can use it, I’m back to working on the new version of the Paw Tap Secretarial Software. This is the latest compiled and uploaded version, but I am changing it quite a bit. I’ve learned a lot since writing Entry Paws and will be applying my new knowledge to the new Paw Tap version. I will regularly update this link if you want to follow the progress:

New Paw Tap Software

Once done, this will be a desktop application, not a web application. 🙂

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  1. Is there going to be an update to the current Pawtap software to reflect the rule changes starting June 1st for Barn Hunt trials?

  2. Any idea when your new version/upgrade will be available. The new rules started June 1, 2022 and I have two trials in October of this year.

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