New Version will be 2.+

For the new version of the Barn Hunt software, each Run in the database will have associated Fees. I’m adding the following fields to the Run Table to incorporate these:

Run Fee
Fee Owed
Fee Paid
Voucher Amount
Comp Run

I’m going to be rolling out a version with these changes to the testers today. The fees don’t do anything yet, they are not in any reports nor are they summed up into totals, but that will be the next step. I plan on rolling this update out a little bit at a time so my wonderful testers can look at each bit to make sure it works as I go along.

I think it will be a nice addition!

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  1. I’m new to the software, so maybe I missed it, but…
    I was wondering it in the payment feature is there a way to pay for all the dogs at once, rather then each dog individual?
    Will this be part of the new update?

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