Smart Running Order is Smarter than Me

I’m still working on the Smart Running Order. I knew this would be a tricky, complicated bit of code, and now, of course, it’s expanding into having to modify other parts of the software to get it all to work. I’m making it so that it separates dogs into different blinds based on Handler, not on Owner. So I’m having to add more details to the Handler part of the application. Before, Handler was just a field, but now that I need it to be a field that other things depend on, it needs to be a valid field so I need to validate that the Handler is a real person that already exists in the database on the People Table.

I think this is the fourth day I’ve been working on the Smart Running Order. I really hope to get it done today or tomorrow and get it out to the testers. Since it’s not a critical part of the software, I’m thinking that it can be released to all the users pretty soon.

I’m still keeping track of all the updates on the update list, so you can compare your version to the current version…

After this is done and sent out to everyone, I plan on starting to revamp the whole payment system.

THEN I plan on converting the software to other dog sports!

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