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I just added a Forum plugin to this WordPress site. The UKC Nosework Software is coming along nicely. I need to clean up the payment tracking system, and then it should be ready for some testing.

Link to the Forums

I’ll be looking for about 4 testers to help me with this project. If you are selected to be a tester, you will not be charged the initial purchase price of the software (that has yet to be decided, but will probably be about $250.) You will be asked for the yearly updates costs, though, which will most likely be about $50 a year (those are also not decided).

After I clean up the payment system, I’ll need to learn how to bundle the product into an executable and be able to distribute it.

If you do become a tester, please remember THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT!

I will be looking for people who are very detail oriented. Who already secretary for UKC Nosework Trials. Who are pretty computer savvy, can take screenshots, and communicate well about problems and issues that come up in the software. If you think you’d like to be a tester, please reply to this post! Thanks!

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